13/05/2019: “Camel Ride (Mojo Remix)” by Plastician

Plastician was one of the few figures who convincingly straddled the dubstep and grime scenes after they had truly become separate.

He released a compilation of his old tunes, called Plasticman Remastered, in 2014. It’s a great album, and even has some unreleased material.

The original “Camel Ride” was a classic mystical sounding proto-dubstep tune, with swung drums and a deep bassline.

Mojo is more associated with American EDM than Croydon, but this remix isn’t just a load of distorted noise.

The original middle eastern sample is augmented with some reggae flavours, and trappy beats which defy easy classification. The song is euphoric and varied, switching up the melody every now and then, from the straight euphoric anthemic section to a more syncopated and chopped section.

The drums are built around a half time beat, but the snares roll around the beat like marbles falling down stairs. Probably around 5 marbles if you wanted to be specific…

The sound stage is a lot more crowded than the original, but this was never meant to be a nuanced song. It’s a banger, and proud of it!

The remix was released in 2014 on the Plasticman Remixed II” E.P., which was part of a series of 3 remix releases showcasing new takes on the old classics.

Certified banger!

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