14/01/2019: “Weave” by Ashni

Ashni is a New Yorker with Indian roots. She draws inspiration from Indian styles and Jazz, as well as R’n’B, and I think that’s apparent in her music.

“Weave” is apparently about the connections we have to our communities, written in the aftermath of the U.S. election.

If I’m honest I don’t particularly see that in the song, but there’s definitely a theme of healing.

The song is wistful, with a slow start. The piano chords hang in the air like slowly falling leaves, giving Ashni’s voice plenty of room. The guitar licks stay at a respectful distance from the rest of the song, interjecting softly every now and then.

Midway through the song, the “aaaahhh ahh ah” vocals start, and then build up to a resolute second section. The jazzy drums enter at a stately pace, and some backing vocals meld with Ashni’s to produce a majestic, proud march forward.

The song was released as a single in 2017.


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