15/01/2019: “Vibrations” by Mae Ji-Yoon

I have found it hard to find any information on Mae Ji-Yoon, and my knowledge of that area of the world would lead me to tentatively guess that he or she is South Korean, although the main listeners on Spotify are from Taiwan.

There’s only this song on Spotify as well, with both a guitar version and a piano version, further enhancing the ghost-like nature of the composer.

So this post will have to be constructed mainly on the musical qualities of the song. Luckily, such is the quality of the song, that this isn’t too arduous.

I will be focusing on the guitar rendition of the piece. It’s a slow, peaceful movement, encouraging reflection. The song feels quite warm, and maintains a pretty constant energy level throughout.

The notes ring out and drift like a bird sailing on air currents as the sun sets. Over a desert, just in case the picture I’m painting isn’t vivid enough.

I believe the composition was published in 2017, and the guitar version was put on Spotify on 2018.

An exceedingly fine tune!


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