14/02/2019: “White Lake” by Deaf Center

Deaf Center are thoroughly Norwegian. Consisting of a duo who met in school, they make calm, collected ambient and classical music using a range of instruments and techniques.

On “White Lake”, the the main weapons of choice are piano, a plucked cello, and some textured string effects.

The song is intensely regal, with an atmosphere of chilly contemplation. The layers of the song blend into a dense fog, with the bass of the cello cutting through, and the piano piercing the veil at the top.

It’s a slow and stately piece, which relies heavily on the piano for the melody, and the piece is also coaxed forward by the bass.

The end section of the song is more macabre, with a vinyl pop effect and an ominous reverb on the cello, allowing it to dominate the soundscape like a monolith.

The song was released on 2005’s Pale Ravine, the band’s first album. The title of that album gives some clue as to the nature of “White Lake”, but in fairness, the song is never grim.


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