14/06/2019: “Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Edit)” by Ultra Nate

Are there any more songs more filled to the top with euphoria than this?

Certainly, there can’t be many more. As great as the original mix is, it’s hard to deny that the Mood II Swing magic touch, subtle as it is, really elevates the song into a masterpiece.

The sounds remain largely the same, but the changed order shows the power of a good edit to draw out the best elements of the song. This one also demonstrates the catchiness of the original; the edit spans 12 minutes without getting tired!

Mood II Swing are the production duo behind the song and Ultra Nate is the vocalist who helped make it such a big hit. The edit is much more orientated towards hardcore house fans and DJs, whereas the original mix is very radio friendly.

The song was released in 1997 on the classic Strictly Rhythm label, and reached number 1 on the U.S. dance chart and number 2 on the U.K. dance chart.


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