13/06/2019: “Heights Of Great Men” by Beenie Man

Beenie Man is one of dancehall’s biggest stars, having attained and kept popularity for about 20 years, even outside Jamaica.

Having risen to these heights, he gives his advise on how to endure. It seems like solid advise too. It can be boiled down to, slow and steady wins the race. A meteoric rise with much fanfare and flashiness is not the way forward.

Beenie Man put the work in to get to his position, so he’s speaking from experience!

The riddim is one of the all time greats. The Bellyas riddim was the first Greensleeves Rhythm Album. The organ and strings make for a great hook, menacing and furtive, whilst the beat hammers home spectacularly.

Having such a distinctive voice and flow, Beenie Man’s tends to churn out classics at a decent rate…

The song was released in 2000 on the Greensleeves album, and Beenie Man’s own album Art And Life, which got a Grammy for best Reggae album in 2001.

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