14/07/2018: “Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Mix)” by Sash!


Trance music is very much maligned this days. It is either seen as a cheesy relic from the past, or a style of music that is too niche, too hard, and too fast to catch on. It was always most popular in Germany, where Sash! are from.

But really, how could the melodies and beats from a song like this fail to move people about?!

“Encore Une Fois”, the title and refrain of the track, means “once again”, which is presumably the intended reaction the listener will have.

The song is in many ways a typical 90s trance tune, but the sheer catchiness of the plucked notes meant that the song achieved a degree of mainstream success.

This absolute banger was released in 1997, and was an instant hit worldwide.

I certainly can’t help myself from playing it again and again…

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