15/07/2018: “Slow Ride” by Foghat


“Slow Ride” is my kind of song, with a message I can really respect. “Slow ride, take it easy”. I mean, it’s a hectic world these days.

I always thought is about driving a car or something, but it isn’t. It isn’t hard to guess the meaning when you think about what rockstars like…

Foghat released this song in 1975, with an 8 minute version on the album (Fools For The City) and a 4 minute version for the single. It does justify the 8 minutes though.

There’s a kind of funk to much of the song, a jive feel, which is in large part down to the bassline. It’s very Led Zeppelin-esque, but not in a way that feels derivative or anything.

The guitar is excellent, in the slower parts and the faster parts. It’s exactly how a hard rock song ought to be, in my opinion.

Take it easy people!

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