14/08/2019: “I’m Going Slightly Mad” by Queen

Freddie Mercury tragically died of AIDS in November 1991. This song was released in March 1991. It is a poignant song that expresses Mercury’s feeling of mental deterioration because of his condition.

There’s more than a touch of darkness to the song, but the atmosphere is more the musing of a twisted jester than a bitter soliloquy on death.

The very start of the tune is an eerie keyboard riff, setting the tone for the full parade of bass, drums and keys to follow.

Mercury performs stunningly on vocal duty, clearly pronouncing his words with his trademark power and passion.

Brian May’s slide guitar solo is really cool too. Mixed in with a normal guitar, the slide guitar’s eldritch sound fits the song more than you might think.

“I’m Going Slightly Mad” was released on Queen’s last album, Innuendo.

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