15/08/2019: “Damn Woman” by The Good Men

Fresh Fruit Records is a pretty legendary house label, and the Dutch duo made up of DJ Zki and Dobre is a legendary outfit too. With other alias including Chocolate Puma, Rene Et Gaston and Klatsch!, there’s no escaping the brilliance of The Good Men.

“Damn Woman” is a terrifically funky old school house track, oozing zesty dancefloor radiance from every note. It’s definitely very percussion led, and indeed, the start of the song is almost entirely percussion.

When the rhodes chords kick in, the track takes on a more fleshed out feel, becoming even more vibrant. As more elements come into play, the song is locked onto the groove and shows why it really is a stone cold classic.

The release year of this track was 1994, which seems to be the year so much great music was made.

Excellent stuff!

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