14/12/2018: “Jogi” by Panjabi MC

Panjabi MC is perhaps more widely known for his song “Mundian To Bach Ke”, which he made version with in collaboration with Jay Z.

That song was also used in the Dictator film soundtrack, increasing its popularity.

However, it’s true that outside of that, U.K. Bhangra is almost unknown outside of certain South Asian communities in the U.K. Given the strong influences of other immigrant musical styles such as Jamaican and Nigerian music on many British music scenes, this is somewhat surprising.

Panjabi MC is particularly popular because he blends Bhangra with hip hop, rapping in Punjabi.

“Jogi” is one of his other popular songs. Sampling an old Indian 1981 Bhangra song by the famous duo Ranjit Kaur and Mohammad Siddiq, and blending it with Hip Hop, he creates something that sounds familiar to Western audiences, but still exotic and unusual.

The sitar sits very well with the breaks, with a natural flow to it. Although I don’t understand Punjabi, the rapping has a pleasing rhythm to it which would probably sound odd in English.

The song was released in 2003 in an E.P. which includes a collaboration with Jamaican Dancehall artist Beenie Man.

A pretty cool song!

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