15/04/2019: “Only Woman D.J. With Degree” by Sister Nancy

Sister Nancy was the first big female Dancehall star. She had to overcome the conservative restrictions of Jamaican society in the 70s and 80s, and as a child would often run away from home.

Luckily, she had the support of her brother Brigadier Jerry (she was one of 15!). He was able to give her a way in to the male dominated Dancehall scene, and her natural talent gave her legitimacy.

“Only Woman D.J. With Degree” is a celebration of her status, and puts forward a positive message. She got an accounting degree in America and worked in a bank there, unaware of how big songs like “Bam Bam” had become.

The riddim samples 1968’s “My Conversation” by Slim Smith and The Uniques.

Sister Nancy’s flow is a sing jay style similar to Brigadier Jerry’s, but as a woman she can hit higher notes, so her style is different in that sense.

The song was released in 1982 on her debut, One Two, which made her an international star.

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