16/04/2019: “Bike” by Autechre

This is probably one of Autechre’s more accessible songs, amid a sea of ambient electronic musings and IDM weirdness.

The duo make music in a similar style to Aphex Twin, inimitable though he is. But really, like him, they are best classified as being Autechre, rather than trying to pigeonhole them too much.

“Bike” is built around an arpeggiated synth, which echos delicately. The bassline is a sinister sounding undercurrent, which fleshes out the soundscape considerably. The drums are soft and nimble, almost dubby in their presentation.

It’s a fairly slow paced song, which rewards you if you pay attention more closely. The drums are especially subtle, and the main synth is fluid and hypnotic throughout the track.

The song was released on the classic 1993 Incunabula album on Warp records, which was intended by the musicians as more of compilation than a made-for-purpose album. It is their debut album, regardless.

English techno brilliance!

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