15/09/2018: “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys

I wasn’t around in the early 60s in California, but when I listen to this, I’m right there cruising in a Chevy along the beachfront!

It’s incredibly wholesome stuff about a bunch of lads driving around in their car trying to meet girls, which in comparison to today’s rather more explicit and probably misogynistic rap songs, is quite adorable.

It’s quintessential surf rock, but it’s also an enduring classic song, with it’s faltering rhythms, vocal harmonies, and tight guitar riffs. It’s the Beach Boys doing what they do best. That first vocal “Round round get around, I get around” is one of those melodies that uses its simplicity to great effect.

It’s first and foremost pop music, but there’s more to it musically than first meets the ear. Not only are there innovative rhythms, but the song has little touches such as the handclaps on the verses which elevate the feeling and help to boost that innate catchiness.

Mick Jagger was a fan of the song and promoted it, which helped it to become the first big success for the band in Britain.

The song is pretty swell, for sure!

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