15/09/2020: “Man On The Corner” by Genesis

I would argue that this represents a zenith of the Genesis musical history. A lot of people would disagree…

However, that’s in great part because Genesis has a fragmented fanbase as a result of their development over the years.

As I’ve touched on previously, 1981’s classic Abacab was a big change for Genesis. It marks the real start of the Banks/Rutherford/Collins act held by many to be the band’s golden age.

A big part of that change was driven by Phil Collins. You can really hear his trademarks on this one – the familiar vocals, the stadium filling drums, the dark lyrics.

Abacab was written specifically to avoid the band becoming to stale, and drove at a more pop oriented direction. Certainly, this isn’t the most complex song musically, but it packs a punch!

The track is about a troubled homeless man who harasses passersby. I think it’s an effective take on the terrible loneliness of many homeless people – a side to living on the streets which is often forgotten about.

‘Man On The Corner’ featured first on Acacab, and was released a year later as a single, in ’82.

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