14/09/2020: “Tonka (Menta Remix)” by Jammin’

Menta are a fairly obscure duo, making garage at the time (and place) which it morphed into dubstep. But actually, one half of Menta was in famous speed garage group 187 Lockdown, whereas the other?

Now goes by DJ Artwork. Pretty famous amongst the youth, you might say.

This banger encapsulates the kind of sound which was around in Croydon in the early noughties. It doesn’t take a professional musicologist to see how this sort of track helped to kickstart dubstep!

The bassline is massive, an unwieldy warper which switches into a filthy wobbler. If you don’t know what that means, please have a listen…

The drums are frenetic, a broken two-step beat with hi-hats and snares popping off like bullets.

That’s basically it, aside from some very tasteful samples which add colour and interest throughout. As I say: Banger!

The song was released on DJ Zinc’s label, Bingo Beats, in 2003.

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