15/11/2020: “Boxing Champ” by Kaiser Chiefs

Some of the Kaiser Chiefs’ music hasn’t aged particularly well. It’s heavily invested in the noughties, in the same way as Nike astro trainers and Myspace.

They were talented guys, even if they aren’t as popular as their biggest rivals at the time, the Arctic Monkeys.

When you strip away some of the brasher, electronically tinged tracks, you get a roster of songs which are solidly English, vaguely cynical, and laced with melodies which stick in your head like chewing gum on a commuter’s shoe.

Instead of the usual barrage of instruments, you get Nick Hodgson, who was actually their drummer, on vocals. And, in the background, a piano.

Simple often works best – and to be honest, at one minute thirty seconds, it can get away with just a couple of verses. More of a ditty than a masterwork, but it’s good.

The piano rolls up and down in a simple, repeating pattern, hitting notes emphatically and ringing out.

The song features on Yours Truly, Angry Mob, the band’s second album, released 2007.

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