16/06/2019: “Mr. Maverick” by Calibre

Calibre is a stalwart of the D’n’B scene, often associated with the mellower Liquid subgenre. He does have a knack for the heavier stuff too though!

This roller is a skilful symphony of the classic “Think about it” breakbeat, a murky Jamaican vocal sample from a King Tubby dub of “Slavemaster” by Gregory Isaacs, and a growling, shifting bassline.

The song is quite minimal in a sense, with only a few elements to flesh it out. It’s a masterclass in building and releasing the flow, so that even if the second drop is very similar to the first, it feels fresh.

The drums are a true joy, giving the song a natural head bopping verve and securing its status as a classic.

The song was first released in 2004, although a lot of the internet will say 2016 because that’s when the digital came out.

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