17/03/2019: “Bella Donna” by Doe Maar

Doe Maar are a Dutch pop band, who draw their musical influences from Ska and Punk.

They were actually one of the most successful Dutch bands ever. Although they broke up in 1984, they’ve since had a few reunions.

On here, the influence of Ska is palpable, to the point where the song is probably best categorised as Cod Ska. It’s hardly authentic Jamaican rudebwoi stuff, but the bounce is so infectious.

The song is great fun, and combines a simple, sweet bassline with a positively Balearic guitar noodling away.

The guitar plays the part of the vocals, because the song is instrumental.

The horns are sultry, and join the drums in receiving a dub treatment and echoing away. The drums are notable because they make use of a standard reggae sounding kit, but are strangely fast!

The song was released in 1981 on the album Skunk, which is both a portmanteau of Ska and Punk, and because they are Dutch…

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