17/09/2019: “LMK” by Kelela

Talk about critically acclaimed. “LMK” was given accolades by The Quietus, Noisey and Highsnobiety, among others. 

It makes sense. Kelela is a great singer, and this space-age R’n’B style is ridiculously stylish.

It’s catchy due to the simplicity of the melody, but still goes hard. The low-end presence and generally edginess sit in stark contrast to Kelela’s sultry singing.

The lyrics are about how Kelela doesn’t care if she gets rejected by guys. “Let me know, it ain’t that deep, by the way”.

The production was handled by Jam City, making it a bit different from Kelela’s usual stuff.

The song was released in 2017, the first single from Take Me Apart. 

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