18/09/2019: “The Source Experience” by The Source Experience

A lot of trance is actually quite chilled out. Certainly, it’s not all high bpm. This song has the magical quality of being relaxing and uplifting at the same time.

The synth strings set the mood, euphoric but restrained. Then an absolutely monstrous arpeggiated bassline drops, creating a wonderfully warm groove.

Like all trance classics, this is a slow burner – it’s actually slower in pace than the other songs on the E.P. The hypnotic bass warps and curves like an ocean wave, the percussion builds in complexity and cuts back down, the strings fade in and out. Make no mistake, this is a banger.

The Source Experience is the usual moniker of Robert Leiner, originally just Source until a copyright dispute caused the change.

This gem came out on the legendary R&S records in 1993, on an E.P. of the same name.

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