18/08/2019: “Triplets” by Sticky

Sticky is a garage producer associated with the early Grime scene. The bass on this is definitely grimey enough, and a real ear worm with it.

For a song which exudes badboy attitude, it’s surprising catchy. The sharp drum pattern shows off the triplet hi-hats that give the track its name, and the snappy snare slaps satisfyingly!

The simple glockenspiel synth is what makes the track such a classic, adding a friendly touch to an otherwise hard edged tune. It echoes up and down in a delicate reflection of the bassline.

There’s even some cheeky strings, following the short and sharp pattern that the rest of the song’s components do.

“Triplets” came out in 2001. The single is backed with “Triplets II”, which is a much more beefy version, well worth a listen for its chunky bassline alone…

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