18/09/2018: “True Romance” by DBridge & Vegas

Although “True Romance” came out in 2004, it could’ve come out in the 90s, or yesterday, and probably in 10 years too. It’s that kind of song.

The song strikes a perfect balance between hard edged D’n’B dancefloor sensibilities, and the sort of chilled out intelligent music that is perfect for a late evening at home. The track is slighty jazzy, slightly exotic, and very much a banger!

The bell/piano sound (sampled very tastefully from 2002’s “Heaven Somewhere” by Common) , and the other twinkly synths, make the song rather beautiful.

The drums are warm and tight, keeping a lid on a fuzzy bassline which gives way to a growling bass which doesn’t affect the lightness of the rest of the song at all.

It’s a great example of the versatility and the breadth of Drum & Bass as a genre, and of course, the masterful production skills of DBridge and Vegas.

DBridge is still a massive name in today’s D’n’B scene, but Vegas is probably better known as part of the 4 person collective Bad Company, of which DBridge is also part of.

“True Romance” was released on the renowned Metalheadz label, backed with “Bellini” by DBridge.


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