19/10/2020: “Finder” by Ninetoes

Seems crazy to think that this is 7 years old now. At the moment, beach parties and boat raves are off the table – but to be honest, this will still be lighting up tropical DJ sets for quite some time in the 21st century…

Ninetoes is actually German, from the uber cool city of Stuttgart. But typical German techno production is not on show here. This has a bright, sun kissed bounce which seems to speak to Ibiza, Brazil, Trinidad.

A lot of that is due to the earworm steel drum hook that has given this song its anthemic status. There’s even a radio edit and a music video…

It’s instantly recognisable in the mix, but one of my favourite things about the song is the way the simplicity of the bassline works so well. It’s a rhythmic, deep, undulating wave, with only a couple of notes.

And when that bassline kicks in at the two minute mark, you know you’re in business!

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