18/10/2020: “Lucky” by Silkie

Silkie is easily one of the most melodic, musical dubstep producers of all time. And in terms of his old school sound, some of his greatest achievements? Nobody else can touch it for that chill, jazzy vibe.

He’s still killing it today, but “Lucky” is one of those classics which has helped to cement that legacy.

Released in 2011 on Silkie’s second album, the legendary (and very hard to find on vinyl…) City Limits Volume 2, this track gives a great taste of that golden, smooth Silkie flavour.

A cascading drum beat flows and falls like a crimson red maple leaf in an autumn breeze, warmed by a pulsing wobbly bassline. The harsher synths add the melody, stabbing and glittering brightly.

When the sounds are layered together, the piece comes together most beautifully. It’s euphoric, laidback, and contemplative.

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