19/11/2020: “Hunter” by Kaiju featuring Flowdan

Flowdan is one of my favourite MCs. Kaiju are one of my favourite Dubstep acts.

So, of course, if they collaborate, it’s a dutty one. Murky!

The thing is, there was a time where Dubstep and Grime overlapped both sonically and geographically, and many of the scene’s biggest names knew each other from seminal nights like FWD.

Flowdan has been one of the MCs who has stuck by the original Grime sound, and has always been willing to get involved with dank Dubstep tracks like this.

The dark, warping, savage bassline, rippling with primal energy, flows under the stark beat. Flowdan raps over the top in fine style, bringing a badness to the song.

“Hunter” was released in 2013, backed with “Snagglepuss”, on Osiris Music.

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