20/11/2020: “Black Magic Woman” by Santana

Latin-influenced Jazzy Rock is a bigger niche than you might think. But there’s one name which inevitably floats to the top of this swirling, warm pool of talent.

Carlos Santana. Smoother than silk, slicker than satin. There’s really no denying his pole position in the field of mellow, samba-esque guitar work.

However, even in the wider arena of rock, his guitar playing is up there with the best.

Without delving too hard into cliche, he can really, really, make a guitar sing!

He actually didn’t write the song. That honour goes to Peter Green, who penned it in 1968 for his band, who you may have heard of – Fleetwood Mac.

Santana’s adaption came two years later in 1970, released as single from Abraxas.

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