19/12/2020: “Concussion” by Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

I love a good organ trio. There’s an easy going jazz funk grooviness to the format which even ‘okay’ players can tap into. Delvon Lamarr’s group, sometimes styles DLO3, are much more than okay!

In the jazz world, these guys are stars, as their debut album Close But No Cigar reached number one on the Contemporary Jazz Album chart in the US. They still feel like a fresh offering though.

For some reason they keep switching up their drummer – below, it’s David McGraw, who left the band about a year after this. But Delvon and his guitarist Jimmy are a strong foundation for the group’s jamming.

The band’s sound straddles the soul, jazz, funk and blues vibes, leading to frequent comparisons with Booker T & and MGs. They can really nail a groove!

The song came out first in late 2017, having featured at the band’s KEXP session in the video below earlier in the year.

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