20/08/2018: “Interstellar Low Ways” by Sun Ra

I find that as far as avant garde Jazz goes, Sun Ra and his Arkestra are relatively accessible.  Although there are often crazy moments, there is often an easily identifiable melody or hook that keeps the song engaging without too much effort.

Cosmos, released in 1977, has a couple of these songs with simpler melodies. “Interstellar Low Ways” is one of them, with melodies influenced by Duke Ellington’s “Tenderly”.

It builds up slowly, using Sun Ra’s Rocksichord part as a base for all the harmonies. The flutes and brass echo the keyboards almost discordantly, but not in an unpleasant way.

The bass plays softly in the background, almost ponderously. It’s not a hectic song; the emphasis instead is on the interaction of the melodies.

It was hard to find a high quality copy on Youtube; a streaming service such as Spotify does the song a bit more justice.

Odd, but lovely!

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