21/08/2018: “Superstylin'” by Groove Armada

“Superstylin'” is a neat sort of track. it’s fundamentally a poppy house beat, but the warping bassline and dubby sounds make it stand out from the crowd.

The song hangs onto the bassline, which is understandable because that old school speed garage bassline is a great one.

Around that rock solid foundation, the reggae influence is the most obvious; from the echoing trumpets, the toasting from MC M.A.D, and the soca-like samba drums.

The whole thing is basically a potent distillation of a lazy day on a beach in the Carribean.

The song was released in 2001 as a single from the album Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub), and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Song in 2003.

Cracking track.

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