20/09/2018: “Dub Struggle” by Vibronics

Vibronics are a relative newcomer to the U.K Dub scene, getting together in 1995. Perhaps this newness is why they mainly work in the Digi-Dub style; that is, electronic reggae made with computers.

It’s not as overtly synthesised as a lot of other computer made Dub music, but it has a clear digital sound.

The song features some strong skanks on the upbeat, making them part of the song rather than just an embellishment. There’s the piano, which provides a lot of the melody in concert with those skanks. The bass is a digital one, and rumbles along slowly, working perfectly with the classic reggae one drop drums.

It’s not a complicated song, and the mix is not nearly so cluttered as many Dub tracks. But the insistence rhythms and catchy melodies make it very enjoyable to listen to.

“Dub Struggle” is from the 2004 album¬†Dubliftment,¬†and has a vocal recording with Mark Iration (Iration Steppas) released in 2006. Then there’s the alternative dub version of that, which in some ways I prefer, although the album version is harder hitting.

Nice work from Vibronics!


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