21/06/2019: “Mystery To Me” by Walt Barr

I stumbled across this song because the YouTube algorithm suggested it. I have to say, these algorithms are getting good!

Other than than, people might have heard the track sampled. It is something of an obscure song, and Walt Barr is a hard man to find information on.

In any case, the song is a wonderful piece of Jazz fusion, replete with sonorous keys, groove-ridden organs and a velvety, melodic guitar part. The song exudes a confident warmth, with a relatively unambitious but completely solid rhythm section adding an extra measure of soulful energy.

Although it’s an instrumental track, the organ/keyboard and guitar both express themselves articulately, giving the track an air of virtuosity.

The song was released on First Visit in 1978, the debut album of the Walt Barr Quartet.

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