20/06/2019: “Underwater Man” by Virna Lindt

I think it’s very unfair to dismiss this song as “lounge music” or anything of that sort.

The lethargic dreamscape created here is undoubtedly relaxing, and most definitely steeped in early 80s vibes. But this more than some vacuous track to stick on in the background of a trendy retro bar, although in fairness it would do just fine at that job.

This is a glittering piece of subterranean psychedelia, with the deep sea synths sinking slowly past the breathy vocals in a murky yet refreshing whirlpool of sunshine and saltwater.

Virna Lindt tended towards the experimental, and although this song sounds very much like a product of the 80s, it isn’t cheesy; it’s still a great tune!

Sweden are mostly known for ABBA, but this track shows that the small Scandinavian country punches above it’s weight…

The song was released in 1984 on the album Shiver. 

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