21/08/2019: “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry

This song, for me, will always remind me of the iconic dance scene in Pulp Fiction. John Travolta and Uma Thurman twist and jive together in breathtaking stylish fashion, in the middle of a diner.

It’s a song which commands a bit of dancing, in fairness. I can only imagine the effect of this song when it was released in 1964!

Everything about this song is bursting with life. The piano is especially brilliant, jamming away exuberantly. The horns are also a fine touch, embellishing unobtrusively rather than bellowing out.

Unusually for a Chuck Berry song, there’s no guitar solo. His singing makes up for it. Such a catchy refrain, but the melody was taken from Mitchell Torok’s 1953 “Caribbean”.

The lyrics tell a story of two teenagers who get married, and make a success of themselves, despite the misgiving of the elders. Heartwarming!


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