20/08/2019: “Heamophwiza” by Slaughter Mob

When 2-Step legend and dubstep pioneer El-B gives you recognition for your drum programming, it probably means you have a knack for making impressive beats.

This track isn’t even one of the more rhythmically complex songs in the Slaughter Mob arsenal, but still packs some heavy percussion laden firepower…

There’s more of a halftime, traditional dubstep feeling to “Heamophwiza”, providing fertile ground for the grimey, distorted bassline to take root. It’s a simple enough recipe, but mastering a rolling groove like this is a crucial art for this kind of music.

Even so, the relentless congas and hi-hats rattle out a dark and tribal sequence throughout, keeping the atmosphere paranoid.

Although many of their most potent songs are from their early 00s Garage days, a song like this shows how they could adapt with the times without sacrificing their essence. The song, sometimes spelt “Haemophilia”, was released in 2009 on Southside Recordings, on Di Hit Maker E.P.

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