21/09/2020: “She’s My Baby” by The Mojo Men

Raucous. 60s raucous, but undeniably, unquestionably, unshakably raucous.

That fuzz bassline is a centrepiece of the track. Probably why Kanye West chose to sample it for his 2010, ‘Hell Of A Life’. The musician behind this gem of a bassline is none other than Sly Stone. Of course.

The rest of song is played with… well, if not exactly elegance, then passion, at least!

And you can’t deny it’s catchy, from the iconic chorus to the bluesy harmonica.

Would you want a world where nobody ever lets loose? I wouldn’t, and neither would The Mojo Men.

The song was first released in 1965, with the second, more polished version released in 1966. It was the B-side to ‘Do The Hanky Panky’.

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