22/07/2019: “Doing It To Death” by Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s

This song has such an infectious bounce that it almost seems like it could just go on forever. It doesn’t though; the track lasts about 5 minutes in the most common form, although the album version stretches it to 10.

The guitar lick is one of the primary culprits for the criminal amounts of grooviness, as well as the slapping drum beat.

Some other key suspects are Fred Wesley’s trombone and James Brown’s off kilter lyrics…

Fred Wesley & The J.B.s is an odd choice to credit the song to. Not along did James Brown write it, he also provides the vocals. The song is basically a studio jam over the core bass, drum and guitar groove, and Brown just tells the musicians what he wants.

The vocals are a mixture of chatting and chanting, and are sure to please any decent crowd. At one point, he even instructs the band to play their instruments in a lower key, which they duly do!

The song was released in 1973, and was number one on the soul chart in the U.S.A.

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