21/07/2019: “Brother Father Mother Sister” by Tim Maia

This is such a joyful song. The lyrics are more about chastising his family (a stand in for society at large) for their transgressions, with a big verse at the end about the essential unity of the human race and our combined struggle.

The actual music is just phenomenal. The bassline is an ecstatic leaping pacesetter, echoed by rich strings and a funky guitar. The vocals are sung with such soul, and are married to the underlying melody wonderfully.

The guitar solo is very pleasant to listen to as well, stepping skilfully amongst the bass and drums with just a hint of organ in the background…

Tim Maia is a Brazilian artist noted for mixing Samba styles with Funk and Soul, and also MPB, a Samba influenced fusion style popular in Brazil.

“Brother Father Sister Mother” was released in 1976 on the album Tim Maia. Strangely, he has a lot of albums named after himself, but this was also on World Psychedelic Classics 4, a compilation released in 2012.


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