23/01/2021: “I Feel Space” by Lindstrom

According to Spin magazine, Todd Terje is one third of the Holy Trinity of Norwegian disco. The other two Nordic Nu-Disco visionaries Spin had in mind where Prins Thomas and Lindstrom.

There’s a strong theme with their music. It’s hook heavy enough to be catchy, but cosmic and progressive enough to be interesting for several minutes.

And it’s infused with the pulsing rhythms of disco’s latest incarnation, blended with heavier basslines and thumping kick drums.

The synth work is where the distinctively Norwegian influence is felt. It really does seem very retro-futuristic.

It’s worth listening to Donna Summer’s legendary ‘I Feel Love’, produced by Giorgio Moroder and released in 1977, to get a feel for how these Norwegian wizards are riffing off the old disco classics. There’s a family resemblance, but it’s not the same thing at all!

“I Feel Space” was released in 2005 on Feedelity, Lindstrom’s own imprint.

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