23/04/2019: “Calling All Stations” by Genesis

Genesis have produced their fair share of stadium filling epics, of which any would be worthy of inclusion on this blog. But this particular song came from a Genesis that was on the way out, devoid of direction and lacking the talismanic presence of Phil Collins.

This is the title track of an album that regularly gets 1 or 2 stars, and is panned by fans and critics alike. In fairness, 1997’s Calling All Stations is a bit of a messy and indulgent affair, trying hard to escape from pop but not really capturing the innovation and brilliance of the early days.

Nevertheless, I really like this song. It threatens to lose its way in the middle, with a frankly embarrassing keyboard section, but then roars into life again courtesy of a soaring guitar solo. It’s undeniably a lush track, and showcases the dark, gritty vocals of Ray Wilson.

The start of the song is an ominous, hard hitting dose of paranoia, crashing into life with a powerful drum beat and a distorted, deep guitar riff.

The lack of success the album had led to the breakup of the band, but I feel that Ray Wilson was never given a chance…

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