24/04/2019: “Clap Your Hands” by Slam

Much of the harder, darker techno produced today and in the past tends towards a specific set of sounds, rhythms, and aesthetics. Which is a longer way of saying that the songs all sound the same.

However, I would consider this song a model for the model of techno that I gravitate towards. The 10 minute long tracks consisting of a pulsing bass drum with layered hi hats and the occasional echoing metallic noise have their place, but I like this sort of stomping tune the most.

Slam have a pretty impressive heritage in the techno scene. The duo are fixed within the annals of techno because of the legendary “Positive Education”, released in 1993.

They aren’t from Detroit or Berlin; Slam originate from Glasgow, which has always had a large underground music scene.

“Clap Your Hands” makes use of a Stevie Wonder vocal sample, from 1963’s “Fingertips”. The vocal part acts as an anchor for the bouncing bass and thumping drums. The hi-hats in the song are used sparingly, but with great effect.

This absolute belter was released in 2016, as Vol. 4 of the SOMA Track Series, and saw a physical release the year after.

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