23/08/2018: “Dead Ringer For Love” by Meatloaf & Cher

It would be easy to go for one of Meatloaf’s famous theatrical power ballads, like “Bat Out Of Hell”, or “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”. But that seems a bit obvious, and there’ll be time for that later.

Instead, here’s a raucous duet with Cher, who has a wonderful, powerful voice which suits this sort of frenzied rock song. There’s a lot of passion here…

It sounds vaguely 60s, but more hardcore. The drums have some real pace, and the overdriven guitar bashes out a classic chord progression. The sheer power from Meatloaf and Cher is what really makes the song into a hit.

The song was written by Jim Steinman, the legend behind many of Meatloaf’s biggest hits. It’s unashamedly a pop song, but leagues away from the lifeless songs on the radio today.

The song was released in 1981, and is from the albumĀ Dead Ringer.

The video is pretty intense to be honest, with a lot of staring and posturing.

Good fun though!

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