23/12/2018: “Calle F” by Mala

Mala has released three albums. Return II Space was the classic 2010 DMZ one, and is just that; Mala in space!

The latest one Mirrors,  was inspired by Mala’s time in Peru, courtesy of Brownswood Recordings. Basically, Mala In Peru.

But in between that, was 2012’s classic Mala In Cuba. It did what is said on the tin. Mala went to Cuba, and worked with local musicians to produce a dubstep album incorporating traditional Cuban sounds and rhythms.

“Calle F” leans towards the Latin end of the Cuba-Croydon spectrum. There’s piano chords, distinctly Cuban sounding brass, and a Rumba inspired percussion section.

The whole thing gives off a strong scent of rum and cigars. But the half time snare and powerful, bouncy sub bass remind you of the track’s Dubstep parentage. More than that, the whole thing is dubbed out and dreamy, with no shortage of echo effects and reverb.

“Calle” is spanish for street, so the song is probably inspired by a specific place in Cuba.

The song is on the digital version of Mala In Cuba, but the vinyl version of the album doesn’t contain Calle F and Cuba Electronic. They were released separately as a single.

A great tune!


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