24/12/2018: “Christmas Eve Can Kill You” by The Everly Brothers

I will do a happy, traditional Christmas song tomorrow. But today, I wanted to do something different.

“Christmas Eve Can Kill You” is a reminder that for a lot of people, Christmas is a sad, lonely time. Think of the huge numbers of homeless people who are cold and lonely at a time of extravagance and “good cheer”.

It’s about a man hitchhiking on Christmas Eve, and getting ignored, so he has to trudge in the snow, alone.

The song is very much an Everly Brothers standard template, which is a good thing. It’s obviously a melancholy song, but very beautiful. It’s a country-esque instrumental, with guitar fingerpicking, and a mournful steel guitar. The Everly Brothers’ harmony singing is wonderful here, and the story is expressed movingly.

A line like “take pity on the stranger in the cold” makes its meaning pretty clear…

The song was written by David Linde, and released by the Everly Brothers in 1971.

A thought provoking take on Christmas.


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