24/08/2019: “Good Thing You Came Along” by Tapes

Jahtari artists make a particularly interesting type of digital dub music. It tends to be very lo-fi, slightly crusty, and usually containing an unusually deep low end.

The visuals and sonic aesthetic of the label is 80s arcade, with a strong dose of dub.

Tapes is one of the more well known producers on the label. Not necessarily dub songs, but often more reggae than not, Tapes makes oddly touching music considering the distorted, 8 bit nature.

“Good Thing You Came Along” sounds like Aphex Twin, if Aphex Twin loved reggae. The skank is slightly off-key, the vibraphone sound is dreamlike, the bass is massive. What more could you need?

The drums sound especially lo-fi, a cascade of hissy echos and broken snaps. It’s a strange take, but the bass supplies more than enough warmth to compensate.

The track was released in 2009 on Jahtari, and could really do with an extended version, to be honest!

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