25/08/2019: “Just A Touch Of Love” by Slave

Slave make good times music, with some serious boogie potential.

“Just A Touch Of Love” is the title track of the band’s 1979 album, which was their 4th. It got to number 9 on the U.S. R’n’B singles chart, but it’s undoubtedly an enduring classic.

Their sound on this one is a very smooth and silky sound, rather than the more hard edged sound they were known for previously.

As with most famous funk songs, it’s the twanging bassline which leads proceedings and gives the song a distinctive touch. The guitar and rhodes piano provide light embellishments, creating a beautiful groove.

The basic groove lasts for most of the song, although it does change at points to slightly busier arrangements.

The main vocals are nice enough, but it’s the backing vocals which stick in your head and give the song a dreamier character, as well as being incredibly easy on the ear…

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