24/09/2018: “Atomic” by Blondie

Blondie are quite a cool band really. Their music is diverse, ranging from  chilled reggae influenced songs, to post-punk, to delightful disco pop hits.

About where “Atomic” fits in that broad spectrum of music, I don’t know. It’s disco-ey, but when you compare it to the famous Xenomania remix from 1998, the original is clearly more Rock based.

The main guitar riff is a killer; that twanging could easily be lifted from an old Western. The bassline is pretty funky as well, alternating between slow and fast. The drums are interesting too, with a shuffling hi-hat, and a snare that is syncopated in the verses, and then switches to a 2 and 4 hit for the chorus.

As is often the case with Blondie songs, the powerful singing from Debbie Harry really drives and uplifts the song. Her unique style lends itself perfectly to the urgency of the song.

The song was released on Eat To The Beat in 1979, and as a slightly different single in 1980.

A cracking tune!

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