25/09/2018: “Oino” by LA Priest

LA Priest is guy who makes some seriously unusual music. However, there’s no real sense of being too out there. Especially for a song like “Oino”; it’s not a challenging listen or anything like that.

“Oino” is taken off the 2015 album¬†Inji,¬†where it sits alongside a varied mix of electronic sounds.

Even the song itself is a mish mash of different styles, with the electric guitar solo nestled among some funky synths, and the soulful, reverb-y vocals.

There’s a wonky feel to the proceedings, with the drums and main melody staggering about drunkenly. At the same time, the song does have a pop vibe, in its own spaced out way. It’s catchy stuff, and perfectly suited to floating about on a lilo.

The song was the debut single from the album, showcasing the eclecticism of the whole thing.

All the labels and adjectives in the world don’t do it justice…


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