24/09/2019: “Lay All Your Love On Me” by ABBA

I’d find it hard to choose my favourite ABBA song. However, I could safely place this in the top five, and would be quite confident of putting it in the top three!

The song just has a transcendent quality to it, particularly on the choruses. Interestingly, the chorus reminded Bjorn and Benny of a church hymn – so they added a discordant chorus effect to amplify that feeling!

The song has a natural groove to it; although the vibe is different from the verse to the pre-chorus, there’s a fundamental funkiness. I particularly like the drums, which are a masterclass in understated disco tightness.

The keyboard strings are luscious, adding a charming grandeur to the song.

The main hook from the backing track is the deftly plucked guitar, which both echoes and embellishes the bassline.

“Lay All Your Love On Me” was released in 1980 on Super¬†Trouper.¬†It was also a hugely successful single!

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