25/06/2019: “Ashley’s Roachclip” by The Soul Searchers

“Ashley’s Roachclip” contains one of the big drum breaks. It’s a break which has been sampled in so many songs as to make it an integral part of modern music, especially the hip hop scene.

The most famous song which makes use of this drum break is probably “Paid In Full”, a huge early hip hop hit from Eric B and Rakim, released in 1987

The actual song itself is a great one, though. I first heard it, as with a lot of great yet underappreciated songs, on the GTA V radio.

There’s plenty of funk to be had on this. Obviously, the drum beat is one of the coolest elements of the song, but the track is a real banger throughout.

The flute is a great part, both assisting the horns and launching into a lively solo. It’s really catchy!

The bassline is pretty sweet as well, nailing down the groove solidly. It’s also very catchy…

The guitar strums are a must for this kind of funk, and there’s a fair bit of guitar virtuosity on display. The organ is less pronounced, but helps to elevate the euphoria of the song.

“Ashley’s Roachclip” was released on Salt Of The Earth in 1974.

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